Ms. Rojas is an experienced educator with over 30 years of experience teaching reading and English to students of other languages. Ms. Rojas holds a BA from CUNY, NY and an M.Ed from Grand Canyon University, Arizona. She is bilingual and speaks English and Spanish fluently.

Her passion is to instill a sense of value for learning the English Language, and to establish what an invaluable asset it is to be bilingual.

MCCA Learning promotes achievement and works to assist students to, “Rise to Success“. Its goal is educating students to become proficient in English, and assist them in achieving success in academics, business and social interactions.

Through MCCA Learning, students will have access to online one-to-one or small group individualized instruction via Zoom. All classes are facilitated by Ms. Rojas. Face-to-face “Live English” sessions that take place during outdoor outings are also offered.

Tutoring for students of all ages in the subjects of English as a Second language, reading and beginner Spanish is also offered via Zoom.

MCCA Learning endorses meaningful, creative, captivating and achievable English lessons. Our goal is to accelerate and maintain student achievement and success In learning English.